Monday, January 9, 2012

I ams Who I ams...

'Life sould be considered a long book, I'll be happy to call mine a novella;'

On a regular basis I put my foot in my mouth despite my best effort to be as cordial as possible. 
I will do anything for my family, friends, and sometimes a complete stranger.
Although extremely clumsy I tend to have very quick reflexes.
I dig bow ties, 'Dagwood'-sized sangwiches, and vodker.
Currently enrolled in university to become a full-fledged gentleman (self-taught).
I look forward to one day owning a business to merely "Make People's Days".

For the next coming weeks I hope to enthrall you with anecdotes and tall tales. These will be mixed in with a shot gun seat to my cross-country trip as I relocate to the city of Angels! And do me a favor... don't forget to hold a door for someone today.  It will mean much more than you even know.

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