Monday, January 16, 2012

City of Brotherly Love

I was looking forward to the first part of our trip to Philly because of the city's rich history and pension for sports fanaticism comparable if not worse/better than Boston's. The ride down was incredible smooth and Knuckles, although initially weary, was starting to warm up to his nook that we constructed for him.

Knuckle's Knook

Our first stop in Philly was the Navy Pier, an area that has a militant feel but houses numerous businesses in warehouse-sized building like 'Free People" the company which employees our hostess for the evening. After settling in our kitschy but extremely comfortable studio apartment, we decided to do the most touristy activity possible and check out Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Maybe my lady knows me more than I give her credit for because history, specifically American history, is my steez. Took in the epicity of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and learned about the Georgian symmetry of the building and each room that we walked through. Pretty historic if you catch my drift...

Monday, January 9, 2012

I ams Who I ams...

'Life sould be considered a long book, I'll be happy to call mine a novella;'

On a regular basis I put my foot in my mouth despite my best effort to be as cordial as possible. 
I will do anything for my family, friends, and sometimes a complete stranger.
Although extremely clumsy I tend to have very quick reflexes.
I dig bow ties, 'Dagwood'-sized sangwiches, and vodker.
Currently enrolled in university to become a full-fledged gentleman (self-taught).
I look forward to one day owning a business to merely "Make People's Days".

For the next coming weeks I hope to enthrall you with anecdotes and tall tales. These will be mixed in with a shot gun seat to my cross-country trip as I relocate to the city of Angels! And do me a favor... don't forget to hold a door for someone today.  It will mean much more than you even know.