Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BowTie Sketches: First Try

Below are 6 very rough sketches of some bow tie designs I have sent to my friends at www.OoOtie.com. No guarantee they come to fruition but had an absolute blast with this 'side project'. Hope to add more detail and color when my Photoshop is up and running again.


Gingham- A large pattern and light material will make this tie a staple for summer.  Feature in light green, blue, black/grey, or even alternating colors.
Seersucker- A defining material for the warmer season, perfect attire for the races, and summer weddings. Similar colors to the Gingham like light green, blue, black/grey.

'Personal Business'

A Gentleman's Gentleman's Bow Tie - Alternating bow tie design on a bow tie. Keeping the colors at different shades of black/grey could make it suitable from formal to business.
QR Code - I have seen these done... poorly. More just a couple of boxy QR Codes sporadically placed on some of the tie. I'd rather see it focused on a seamless matching of the the codes end to end so the entire tie is covered and looks like one QR Code itself. This one that I 'MacGyvered' actually directs you to another side project; http://anonymssgntlmn.tumblr.com


Leisurely Gent - Heather Grey Sweatshirt material. 'The Most Comfortable Bow Tie Ever'. Wrapped my head around this early and fell in love with it. Now I want one! Execution maybe tough but I feel like I can rock it with anything.
7 Years Luck - Shattered Mirror Effect Silver bow tie (non-reflective) with black design that makes it appear to be shattered glass/mirror.

- My personal style tends to revolve around solid colors, materials, and textures.
- I know this summer and early fall Reds, Whites, and Blues are trending. The easy way to go is patriotic w/ Stars & Stripes but looking outside of that staple could give something classic that special twist.
- To go with with that trend, as well as the summer designs of seersucker and gingham, I have to throw in Chambray.
- An easy transition from Chambray is denim. If done right I think denim would KILL! And not just blue, light blue, or dark blue. Get crazy with Acid-Washed, Sun-Bleached, and Colored Denim.
- Boston-Based company. Huge Irish population. You gots to get some plaid/tartan on the site! I'm doing some research now to find the older families or maybe some Boston specific plaids/tartans that can really hit home with your customers locally and all around.
- My lady gave me three ideas that I have to mention; Skulls (once again, has been done but can be done better), Paint by Numbers (still not sure how to execute but sounded cool), Last one was maps of famous cities (Boston, NY, LA) whether its road, subway/T, etc. Cool idea.

Hope you enjoyed the sketches. And like I said, I hope to have more detailed ones soon.

In the mean time check out my friends www.OoOtie.com, follow them on Twitter @OoOtie and follow me while I #REFINEtheREVOLUTION @AnonymsGNTLMN or http://anonymsgntlmn.tumblr.com.

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