Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's in the FRIIIDDDGGGEEEE!?!

Well, like most people who write blogs, I have been extremely lazy and lackadaisical with updating my anything.  I am fairly disgusted and somewhat disappointed in my lack of commitment. But, once again I want to make a promise; In the coming weeks, I hope to regularly shed some light on the personal insight I have on everything life, love, and pop-culture. The past few months have been amazing and I really want to share each and every moment with you.

More so, I want to introduce and explore a new idea that I have laughed and grown a passion for. My girlfriend first planted the seed in my head after we enjoyed a great meal that we didn't think could happen (Check out her blog at www.styletartare.com).  But first...

When I go to the grocery store, I rarely have a plan. Same goes for when I cook. The positive side is that I EAT EVERYTHING. So even if I mess up... I'm still gonna finish it. It's in my nature, it's what Momma taught me, and the only way I'm going to get dessert. The fun part now is making up something up when I open the fridge. What do we have? What goes with what? What is different? What haven't we had before? For the coming weeks, and hopefully more I hope to share with you the recipes I come up with just by seeing "What's in the fridge?" I hope you enjoy it...

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