Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's in the FRIIIDDDGGGEEE?!?!

I eat EVERYTHING and grocery shop without a plan. Now I must continue my amateur culinary adventures and settle an unwavering hunger by opening up to see;

What's In the Fridge!?!

Creepy guy with the bow tie wants to know...
(From episode of The Twilight Zone entitled What's in the Box?)

What I found: half a jar of prepared HORSERADISH, last remnants of some PESTO, couple o slices o italian-style TURKEY BREAST, some squarsies of JARLSBERG CHEESE, part of a WHITE ONION, not yet ripe ROMA TOMATOES, BABY SPINACH, and Trader Joe's PANINI RUSTIC ROLLS.

- I only have cast iron pans (had to reteach myself to cook with em), so I got one hot and caramelized the sliced onion. It takes a couple of ticks so i built up my sangy in the meant time.
- I spread the horseradish and pesto on the bottom roll (where I like it) and gingerly folded some turkey over  it.
- On the other half I started with ze cheese and then some thinly sliced Roma tomato.
- Finished that side with the baby spinach
- After the onion was caramelized I put it on the turkey and made my sandwich kiss MUAH!
- Kept the pan on heat, buttered both sides of the roll and got her a sizzlin'.  Pressed the sandwich down with my cutting board and flipped it after 90 seconds or so, repeating the press.  Put my EVOO bottle and a beer on top for extra weight.
- Spatulaed 'er out and I was done.

If you think of a name for my sandwich, let me know, because I'm just going to stick with 'GONE'. Finished that baby in 2 minutes!

Hope you liked today's post. 
Looking for some staple ingredients to add to my fridge so please give me some input and ideas.


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