Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fear is Good...

I'm scared

I'm scared that I will never find my true passion
Concerned that things will never work out
I'm shamed by the idea that I may not succeed
Haunted that my demons will catch up to me
I wonder every day if there is something out there that I truly excel in
I'm indecisive about the choices I continually do not make
Afraid my head will trap my heart
I know I am very good at this job and so I may not find that career
Selfish that I want a family but not right now
Will I be able to provide for them when the time comes?
Plagued by 'what ifs' and 'if only's'
Conflicted by my free-spirit and my driven-mind
Weighed down by my love of the drink
Inspired by the promise of grandeur
Diminished by the thought of loss

But these words are good. Hearing them helps. I can take each one and grow, prove that I deserve everything I work for. Nice guys can finish first! Build character through experience. Get out of your own way. Find it. Share it. REFINE the REVOLUTION!

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